We created Inside Philanthropy with a simple goal: To pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful and dynamic forces shaping society. Every day, our team of editors and reporters is digging into how foundations and major donors are giving away their money, and why.

We believe the resources of philanthropy should be accessible to all, not just to those with the right connections, and we seek to explain the world of giving in ways that anyone can understand. If you're looking for funds to support your work, we can help. 

We are also committed to bringing more transparency and accountability to philanthropy at a time that it's having a growing impact on America and the world. While today's rising tide of generosity is a good thing, and we write often about smart and creative funders, we raise tough questions about the role of private money in public life. 

We always write about funders in a respectful and thoughtful way. We expect our community to also be respectful.

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DAVID CALLAHAN, Founder and Editor. David sets the editorial and research agenda of IP, and writes extensively for the site. He is author of The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age. More about David

ADE D. ADENIJIStaff Writer. Ade covers major individual donors. Since graduating from Pomona College, he’s worked as a consultant for non-profits and labor unions, and written freelance. 


HOLLY HALLContributing Editor. Holly has covered fundraising for more than two decades. She holds a master’s degree in philanthropy and development and has been a frequent speaker on fundraising issues. 


PAUL KARON, Contributing Editor and Writer. Paul writes about health and medical research, and assists in the editing of articles and donor profiles. He has extensive experience in journalism and science writing.

SUE-LYNN MOSESSenior Editor. Sue-is part of IP’s research team, which creates and fact checks funding guides for GrantFinder. She has extensive experience as a freelance writer and holds an MBA.


ALYSSA OCHSLocal Editor. Alyssa researches and writes about local philanthropy, analyzing about what funders are doing in major U.S. cities. Previously, she worked as a legal researcher and freelance writer.  


NICOLE PICARD, Customer Service Manager. Nicole engages with IP’s subscribers to improve their user experience. She has a background in business development and the entertainment industry.

 CHRIS PACKHAMManaging Editor. Chris manages all content on the site, copyediting and fact checking blog posts and profiles. He's a writer and editor with 18 years of staff and freelance experience. 


CAITLIN REILLY, Staff Writer. Caitlin covers education, health care and poverty for IP. She previously reported on local labor laws and state tax for Bloomberg BNA. She's a graduate of Harvard University. 


PHILIP ROJCStaff Writer. Philip covers the economy and social issues for IP. He is also a contributing editor at Planetizen and freelances as a writer and communications consultant. He graduated from the University of Chicago.

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MIKE SCUTARI, Contributing Writer. Mike writes covers grantmaking by foundations and major donors for arts and culture, as well as higher education. He has worked in the corporate world and nonprofit sector.

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STACEY SUVER, Senior editor. Stacey is part of IP’s research team, which creates and fact checks funding guides for GrantFinder. He previously worked as an educator and a freelance editor. He holds a Ph.D. in English from Florida State University.


TATE WILLIAMSScience and Environment Editor. Tate leads IP's coverage of science and the environment, tracking and analyzing both established and emerging funders. Tate has spent years in both journalism and the nonprofit sector.