Bigger Things to Come? A Quick Look At Robert Ziff's Giving

Billionaire Robert Ziff is the middle son of the late publishing and media giant William Ziff, Jr. Collectively the Ziff brothers are worth more than $15 billion and the oldest of the three, Dirk Ziff, is only 50. Despite their youth, the Ziffs have been building a solid giving profile for at least a decade, mainly in New York, and are passionate about the arts, education, health, and the environment. 

One of Robert Ziff's earliest environmental gifts was to the National Audubon Society in 1996. Since then, his foundation has given on and off to the bird and wildlife conservation organization. 

Two of Ziff's preferred environmental groups are the Central Park Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Both are located in New York, though the Wildlife Conservation Society is a complex outfit that not only runs the major zoos of New York (e.g., Bronx Zoo) but also protects wildlife worldwide. In 2009, the Robert D. Ziff Foundation made a five-year pledge of $500,000 to Central Park Conservancy and a five-year pledge of $100,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Beyond these gifts, Robert Ziff has given to several environmental organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Conservation International Foundation. Ziff has also given $83,333 to For the Forest (FTF), an Apsen-based forest conservation group to which his brother Dirk Ziff gave almost the exact same sum of money. What's behind that gift? Well, the Ziff family owns lots property in the resort town, including four homes. 

Overall, Robert Ziff is definitely not a major donors to wildlife or environmental causes. But as a youngish billionaire with a clear interest in these areas, he's somebody to watch closely.