A Closer Look at the Meadows Foundation’s Support for Animal Welfare

The Dallas-based Meadows Foundation has five grantmaking categories and three current initiatives, but there’s an outlying funding opportunity that may interest animal lovers.

This funder is interested in programs that recognize and incorporate the human-animal connection as part of their delivery service. About four years ago, the foundation developed an Animal Welfare Plan to outline how animals can be used to help humans with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities in guide and therapy situations. The report pointed out that eight million stray cats and dogs are taken into shelters each year, and 58 percent of those animals are euthanized in the state of Texas, where Meadows bases its giving. Compared to other Texas cities, Dallas has disproportionately high euthanasia rates and has a lack of high-volume spay/neuter clinics. 

The shelter problem is a big one, but not the only issue that the Meadows Foundation addresses. Dog and cock fighting, greyhound racing, animal hoarding, and puppy mills are also of concern to this funder. It’s also a big believer in equine and dog therapy, as well as emotional support and service animals training.

Let’s take a closer look at one recent local grant in Texas.

Meadows recently awarded a $37,000 grant to the Humane Society of Young County, a shelter that was devastated early this year by a deadly Parvo virus outbreak. Nearly 50 dogs died over a two-week period in May, forcing the shelter to shut down. This new money will help the shelter continue operating throughout the winter and pick back up with their own fundraisers and adoption events.

These are some other recent Meadows grants that support animals in Texas:

  • $250,000 grant to the City of Waco, Texas to construct a new shelter to boost adoptions and efforts to become a "no-kill" community
  • $66,000 grant to the Spay Neuter Network in Kaufman, Texas to support a mobile animal clinic to sterilize, vaccinate, microchip and register dogs and cats of low-income pet owners
  • $50,000 to Dallas Companion Animal Project for emergency operating support for providing vital services to increase live release rates in Dallas

These are some of the types of animal welfare programs that the Meadows Foundation likes to support in Texas:

  • Spay/neuter programs
  • Pet adoption programs
  • Microchip promotion
  • Increased shelter standards
  • Pet education for good pet ownership
  • Enforcement efforts to pursue animal cruelty cases

To learn more about this funder’s local giving, check out IP’s full profile of the Meadows Foundation. Meadows accepts grant proposals throughout the year, and there are no submission deadlines.