As Elephant Extinction Looms, What Happens to the Ortenberg Foundation?

Out-of-control poaching is driving African elephants rapidly toward extinction, and it's only getting worse, with a huge spike in recent years. In fact, after record-breaking ivory seizures, 2012 appears to be the worst year on record for elephant poaching.

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What's an Atheist, Libertarian Millionaire With No Heirs to Do With His Fortune?

What's an atheist, libertarian millionaire with no heirs to do with his fortune, now that he's long retired and well into his golden years?

If that millionaire is Robert W. Wilson, he writes checks — huge checks — to a select list of charitable causes. Wilson can't take it with him, and he's not interested in pawning the job off on a bunch of foundation types, so he's giving it away now in big chunks. Fortunately for endangered species, a huge beneficiary has been the Wildlife Conservation Society, which has seen Wilson skyrocket to the top of the their list of donors, with no close second.

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