Have an Idea? The Knight Arts Challenge Announces 2015 Submission Dates

It's that time of year.

Yep, the Knight Foundation is getting ready to launch its 2015 Knights Art Challenge in South Florida, Detroit, St. Paul, and Akron, Ohio.

We're particularly keen on the Arts Challenge here due to the elegant simplicity of Knight's approach. While some foundations require organizations to wade through mountains of paperwork, Knight's application adheres to just three rules. Submissions must:

  • Propose a project or idea about the arts.
  • Propose a project or idea that takes place in or benefits the community in which the challenge is based.
  • Be backed by matching funds.

That's it.

The model adheres to the whole "elevator pitch" idea: Barring nutty concepts like string theory or the electoral college, if you can't convincingly articulate your idea for the arts in a 30-second elevator ride, perhaps it's time to reassess your idea.

We also love the Arts Challenge because, thanks to the sheer simplicity of Knight's approach, many organizations that are traditionally shut out of the work-intensive grant writing process feel inspired to apply. The challenge opens doors because, as James Madison once said, "Simplicity is the muse of democracy." (He actually probably didn't say that.)

Here's the schedule for submissions:

  • South Florida: Jan. 26 to Feb. 23.
  • Detroit: March 16 to April 13.
  • St. Paul:  April 20 to May 18.
  • Akron: Aug. 3 to 31.

To apply, click here, scroll down, and click on your city. Heck, you could have submitted your idea in the time it took you to read this post. What are you waiting for?