Union Pacific Foundation Likes Having Community Arts Groups on Board

Union Pacific Foundation is the philanthropic offspring of Union Pacific Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad, and it places significant giving emphasis on arts and culture through its through its Community-Based Grant Program.

This is a foundation with a directive to “improve and enrich the general quality of life in the community." Through that directive, a significant number of the foundation's grants in the arts go to community arts councils and community arts centers (all non-profit organizations) throughout the 56 large regions where Union Pacific Foundation gives its support (along its railroad lines).

These arts councils and centers each showcase a mix-and-match blend of visual arts, theater, music, dance, film and creative writing. Some recent organizations that received Union Pacific Foundation grants include:

If you do take a shot a pitching Union Pacific Foundation your community arts council or community arts venue, be mindful that generally speaking the foundation seeks to promote “program effectiveness,” and therefore particularly likes its grants to go capacity building, which it describes as “helping new or existing programs reach more people or reach them effectively.”

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