Meet the Foundation Promoting Cultural Exchange Between Japan and the World

The Japan Foundation New York (JFNY) offers grants to organizations that encourage international cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and other countries.

The foundation offers four Arts and Cultural Exchange programs for organizations: Performing Arts JAPAN Program, Exhibitions Abroad Support Program, Support Program for Translation and Publication on Japan, and JFNY Grant Program—Arts and Program.

For our purposes, we'd like to look at the latter program, as it has a rolling deadline. 

The JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture funds projects that nurture further understanding of Japanese arts and culture, or produce U.S.-Japan collaborative projects through performing arts, exhibitions, film screening, lectures, symposia, and other cultural events. Winning organizations can expect up to $5,000 per project, and priority will be given to those projects that have secured additional funding from sources other than the Japan Foundation.

Some other important things to know: 

  • Applications will be accepted only for projects that take place within the 37 states east of the Rocky Mountains, regardless of the location of the applicant organizations. (For projects to be held in the other thirteen states, contact the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.)
  • Applications must be received by JFNY at least three months prior to the beginning date of the project.
  • Projects that have already received funding through other Japan Foundation grants cannot apply.
  • Political activities, religious activities, social welfare activities, and commercial activities are not considered.
  • Grants will fund the following costs: publicity, printing costs, honoraria for artists and lectures, travel expenses for artists and lecturers, and applicable shipping costs.
  • Projects will be reviewed based on artistic quality, expected impact on the audience and the US arts scene, strength of education and community activities, organizational ability to carry through with the project, and capacity to provide future continuity.

To apply click here.

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