Bay Area Synergy for the Ayrshire Foundation

The Ayrshire Foundation was founded in 1998 by James N. Gamble (the great grandson of the founder of Procter & Gamble) and his family in order to broaden the scope of their already-established personal philanthropy. The foundation focuses its efforts on three locations where Gamble and his family have community ties, including the Bay Area.

The foundation views philanthropy as investment in world betterment, and spreads its wealth across a wide range of opportunities to support change: youth, the elderly and disabled, science and the environment, healthcare, and community culture. The Ayrshire Foundation likes to be synergistic about this—the more opportunities to intersect its arenas of giving, the better.

Examples of granting synergy in the Bay Area abound:

Youth with Community Culture:

Youth with Science & the Environment:

  • $100,000 to San Francisco Planning & Urban Research to build a new urban center;
  • $15,000 to Seven Tepees in San Francisco for its Environmental Media Lab.

Community Culture with Science & the Environment:

 Youth Opportunities with Healthcare:

The Ayrshire Foundation requires potential grantees to first fill out a brief online form. If you’ve piqued the foundation’s interest, it will invite you to submit a full proposal.


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