Can the Moore Foundation Save San Francisco’s Wetlands?

A person working in the coastal arena might pass over the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s San Francisco program as it focuses only on Land Conservation and Science/Tech Museums. This would be a mistake as the Land Conservation program also invests in wetlands, a vital part of marine ecology.
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Moore Foundation Funding iPad Apps?

Gordon Moore — the co-founder of Intel — might not have been an app developer in all his years as a technology innovator, but his foundation has been dabbling in app development.


Well, sort of.

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This Computing Legend Is Preserving Bay Area Open Space One Acre at a Time

He might be best known for his Silicon Valley innovations, but will Intel co-founder Gordon Moore's legacy include old-growth redwoods? In January, Save the Redwoods League met half of their fundraising goal for two forest preservation projects thanks to a donation from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. It was just another example of the foundation's commitment to conservation in the Bay Area.  

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