Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation Supports Public Education in Boston

When it comes to supporting education, the Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation is especially partial towards the cities of Boston and Attleboro, Massachusetts. Earlier this year, Balfour awarded two elementary/secondary education grants in the amount of $100,000; one to each city's public school system. Although the foundation's geographic focus areas are listed to also include Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, its educational grants rarely escape the Massachusetts border. (See Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation: Boston Area Grants).

The Balfour Foundation's $100,000 grant to Boston Public Schools will be going towards an Invest in Innovation grant to replicate the success of the Edwards Middle School. If you recall, the Edwards Middle School was on the verge of being shut down just a few years ago before it underwent a miraculous transformation and became one of the highest-performing schools in Boston. Although the mission of the foundation is to fund education grants for families of Balfour Company employees and organizations based in Attleboro (where the Balfour Company began), it hasn't forgotten about the needs of the state's capital and largest city.

Balfour divides its philanthropic giving into three categories: scholarships, Attleboro-specific charities, and educational organizations.  Scholarship preference is always given to family members of Balfour Company employees, but others may have a slight chance as well. Balfour outsiders are encouraged to contact Wendy Holt, Executive Director of the Attleboro Scholarship Foundation, at 508-226-4414 for more information about the scholarship program.

If your nonprofit  operates in Attleboro, you’re probably already very familiar with the Balfour Foundation. Grant application deadlines are due February 1st each year for Attleboro-based organizations working to improve education, healthcare, and human services conditions within the city limits. If you're left with Balfour's last remaining grant category, your best bet is to pitch a multi-year funding request. The foundation also favors funding for general operating support over more specific program support. Lloyd Balfour named a few higher education institutions in his will, but everyone else's proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. Contact the Market Philanthropic Director, Miki Akimoto, at miki.akimoto@ustrust.com with any questions about the application process. (Read Miki Akimoto's IP profile).