What You Should Know About the Linde Family Foundation's Art Education Initiative

Unlike many philanthropic foundations, the Linde Family Foundation doesn't have a website and hasn't historically publicized its grantmaking guidelines or activities. This is a huge roadblock for nonprofits, especially in the Boston area, where the foundation concentrates most of its giving. However, if you work in the field of Art Education, your life just got a little bit easier. (Read Linde Family Foundation: Boston Area Grants).

Allow me to introduce you to the Linde Family Foundation Arts Education Initiatve 2014 Handbook, a nifty publication put together by the foundation's advisors at Mott Philanthropic. Starting in July, the foundation will offer two-year grants of up to $25,000 per year to up to ten projects.

Now, just to be clear: The deadline for submitting LOI's for this round of funding has long since passed, so don't get up any false near-term hopes. The reason we're shining a spotlight here is because the handbook offers new insights about arts funding by the Linde Family Foundation.

If I've caught your attention, then read on because this is what you need to know for the next funding round, assuming there is another. Here's what Linde is looking for:

Art Education Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a nonprofit organization or utilize a nonprofit fiscal sponsor
  • Serve Boston kids between ages 5-13 either in or out of school
  • Focus on hands-on art instruction
  • Offer sequential and sustained learning opportunities

Program Qualities Linde Is Looking For

  • Increased youth access to art
  • Equitable distribution of art opportunities
  • Higher quality art instruction
  • Partnerships with other organizations to accomplish common goals
  • Involve strong principal leadership in the arts
  • Push overall youth progress through arts learning pathways

The Linde Family Foundation’s art education initiative has been incredibly well-crafted and outlined for public view. Linde has been funding arts education programs since 2005, but details of that funding have long been shadowy. 

Unfortunately, little is known about the other Linde Family Foundation priorities and initiatives focused more broadly on children's services and education. In recent years, Linde has made contributions between $500,000 and $600,000 to big names like the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The foundation's never been a fan of unsolicited grant requests, but it seems that the tune has changed for arts education nonprofits in Boston.