The Basics of Germeshausen Foundation Grantmaking for Boston Nonprofits

The Germeshausen Foundation has a really interesting approach to grantmaking and strong roots in Boston to back it up. Here are the must-knows for Boston nonprofits seeking a Germeshausen grant.

It’s Not All About Arts & Culture Anymore

When Kenneth and Pauline Germeshausen established their foundation in 1967, the main focus was major arts and culture organizations in Boston. But under new leadership, things have changed at GF.

Their daughter, Nancy Klavans, is now running the show along with her two daughters, who also serve as trustees. They have really broadened the foundation’s focus and taken the founder’s approach to philanthropy in a new direction. These are some of the causes the foundation now supports:

  • Positive change in youth culture
  • Leadership development for young adults
  • Environmental and ecological values
  • Imaginative media projects on current issues (national media and documentaries)
  • Alternative medicine
  • Religion and ecology
  • Conservation medicine (disease transmission among wildlife, domesticated animals, and humans)
  • Spirituality (integration of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern rational thought)

Entrepreneurship is Important

Founder Kenneth Germeshausen was an entrepreneur, scientist and inventor. He was the CEO of EG&G and worked to recruit new scientists and invest in their innovative ideas. He also held more than 50 electronics and engineering patents, and notable inventions include the basic electron tubes known as the strobotron and the hydrogen thyratron.

Accordingly, many foundation programs support young people through innovative approaches to education, mentoring, and leadership development. Within its fields of interest, this funder supports small organizations with the entrepreneurial capacity to develop and sustain initiatives and programs.

Unsolicited Letters of Inquiry Are Accepted

The good news for Boston grantseekers is that GF accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry at select times throughout the year. The bulk of support in Boston has been centered on children’s programming in arts and culture institutions.

These are some local groups that have received Germeshausen support recently.

  • Boston Children's Museum
  • Boston Music Education Collaborative
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Dr. Kenneth Germeshausen Art ExperienCenter at the DeCodova Museum
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Museum of Science, Boston
  • New England Aquarium

To learn more about this funder, read IP’s full profile, Germeshausen Foundation: Boston Grants. Check out the Grantmaking Process section of the foundation website as well, and reach out to the trustees via email with any specific questions at