A Conversation with Jane’s Trust about Grantmaking in Boston and Beyond

Jane’s Trust is a philanthropic funder that specifically supports health and welfare organizations in the Boston area. This is a good local funder to know if you need operating support, program support, or capital support, and letters of inquiry are accepted at any time. Aside from Boston health grants, other areas of funding are supported in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Southwest and Central Florida. The trust is administered by the Boston-based law firm of Hemenway & Barnes LLP, and most grants are $50,000 to $150,000.

To learn more about this funder’s approach to philanthropy, I connected with Gioia Perugini, one of two program officers at Jane’s Trust and the associate director of Family Office and Philanthropic Advisory Services at Hemenway & Barnes LLP. Here’s what Ms. Perugini had to say about the Trust’s grantmaking endeavors.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to prospective grantees about your foundation or your specific portfolio?

Jane’s Trust uses its web site, www.hembar.com/janestrust, as a repository of information about the trust’s priorities and grant history. Start your research there to determine if your organization and/or project is a fit with Jane’s Trust.

What is the theory of change behind your grantmaking?

Jane’s Trust is a regional, place-based philanthropy looking to improve the lives of those living and working in northern New England, greater Boston and greater Sarasota, Florida.

Are you looking for new grantees? If so, what are you looking for?

Jane’s Trust has an open application process that welcomes concept papers from eligible organizations. The trust’s guidelines explain its specific focus areas.

What characteristics do your grantees tend to share?

Jane’s Trust grantees are working to improve access to the arts, education, basic human needs and the environment for underserved populations in Northern New England, greater Boston and greater Sarasota, Florida. Grantees have all successfully demonstrated how a one-year grant from Jane’s Trust can be used to advance their organizational goals.

Are there any big changes or new initiatives at your foundation that grantseekers should know about?

Jane’s Trust retains its place-based focus in northern New England, greater Boston and greater Sarasota. It retains its open application process to be able to receive the broadest range of requests from eligible applicants. We do not anticipate any major changes or new initiatives currently. Staff and trustees continue to learn about pressing issues in the trust’s geographic and programmatic areas of interest.

Do you have any new grant information that's not yet on your website?

We make updating our website an ongoing priority to stay in close communication with all our constituents. Please see our most recent list of Jane’s Trust’s grants, published at the end of 2015.

Other thoughts you'd like to add? 

Applicants with questions can reach out to the staff of the Trust, whose contact information is available at www.hembar.com/janestrust.

To learn even more about this funder, check out IP’s full profile, Jane's Trust via Hemenway & Barnes LLP: Boston Grants