Inside Debbie Jones' Living Well Network

The Living Well Network isn't Debbie Jones's — it's her husband's. In 2012, Mrs. Jones gifted $1 million to Methodists Le Bonheur Healthcare in Memphis in honor of her late husband Dennis, to help prevent other people from losing a loved one the same way she lost her husband. In 2009, two days after Christmas, Dennis Jones committed suicide after a lifelong battle with depression.

Mrs. Jones was aware of her husband's condition, but not to the extent that she believed he was thinking of harming himself. This is how depression works; it's insidious. Through the Dennis H. Jones Living Well Network, Mrs. Jones is hoping to shine a spotlight on the deceptive nature of depression and to encourage those who suffer from it to get the help they need.

The Living Well Network connects those suffering from depression, anxiety, and alcoholism with trained professionals and crisis centers to serve their immediate needs. The Network also offers referrals to behavioral health organizations to treat the ongoing needs of anyone that reaches out for help.

Serving the immediate needs of its community is something that is of the utmost importance to The Living Well Network. Working with Methodist's Employee Assistance Program, the Network are spreading the word about the services that it offers. Living Well has mounted a campaign in Memphis to shorten the wait time for those who need ongoing treatment to see a doctor to no more than two weeks. Two weeks is still a long time for someone who needs help with his or her depression -- but it’s a good start.