Prince Charitable Trusts Is Giving Your Doctor an Attitude Adjustment

Ever wish your doctor was friendlier or your nurse cheerier? Prince Charitable Trusts is working to do exactly that, through their Hospital Morale Program. While it does not support any direct work with patients, the morale program aims to support and help staff work more effectively together. Prince has contributed $25,000 yearly to Community Health and the Erie Family Health Center, as well as several other hospitals. (See Grants for Hospitals and Health Centers).

Staff morale improvement projects at these health centers focus on individual units and departments, as well as organization-wide issues to engage staff members at all levels of care. Funds from Prince go to implementing staff programs to address common complaints and increase a sense of ownership and responsibility from the ground up.

"Ultimately, the hope is to improve patient care," said Benna Wilde, the foundation's managing director in a Chicago Tribune interview. "Hospitals are very intense places," said Kristina Valaitis, executive director of the Illinois Humanities Council. "Caregiving is emotionally exhausting as well as physically exhausting ... When they read a book and come and talk about it ... it reminds people why they went into medicine in the first place."

Even if your hospital’s morale is sinking fast, you're out of luck until 2014. Prince Charitable Trusts made a recent announcement regarding its 2013 health program. It is currently revising the program guidelines and reviewing proposals on an invitation-only basis. The 2013 grant awardees have already been selected and no additional invitations will be extended.

Check the Health Grant Section in August 2013 for updates about the next proposal deadline, January 13, 2014. At that time, make sure that your proposal features initiatives for high risk/high morbidity patient populations that are low-income, terminally ill, HIV infected, abused, or physical disabled. Once the application process opens up again, Prince will also be considering proposals that address systemic changes between health care team positions as well.