Four Things to Know about the C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation

This is a Tight-Knit Family Funder

There are seven board members at the C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation, all of whom are family members. C. Louis and Mary Luman Meyer believed that the combined judgment of several trustees would contribute to both to the quality of investment decisions and the determination of the beneficiaries. Since there are few to no outsiders involved in Meyer grantmaking, grants rarely stray from the founders’ intentions of relieving poverty, advancing education, promoting health, and expanding religious influence.

You’ll Share Grants with North and South Carolina

Meyer grantmaking is split between the Chicago area, the Sandhills area of North Carolina, and South Carolina. Although the foundation is based in far northwest suburban Huntley, Illinois, the city of Chicago has seen its fair share of Meyer support over the years.

Meyer Gives Broadly, Not Deeply

The Meyer Family Foundation has a giving strategy that is broader than it is deep. This is a foundation that prefers to give a little to various organizations, instead of giving a big chunk of its grantmaking budget to one or two nonprofits. But to make up for the small grant sizes, the foundation considers requests from a wide variety of organizations. Funding areas include poverty relief, education, health, religion, community affairs, arts, and youth. Grants are awarded for both capital needs and specific programs, and education causes typically see the most support.

Applications Are Accepted Most of the Year

Unlike many Chicago-focused foundations, the Meyer Family Foundation has no hard and fast deadlines. In fact, unsolicited grant applications are accepted any time between January and October 31st. The foundation also accepts the Chicago area grant application available from the Donors Forum of Chicago. You can apply for a Meyer grant online or by mail. Applications are reviewed in January the year after they’re received and notices are sent out to applicants each March.

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