Where Is Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Funding Going So Far 2016?

Last fall, we covered a story about the Chicago-based Lloyd A. Fry Foundation’s recent local giving, which included major grants to boost African American Arts and job training programs for the disabled. In the most recent grant cycle, Fry announced over $1.9 million in grants within three of its focus areas: education, employment, and health.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of grantees catching Fry’s attention so far this year.

Literacy and Math Training for Youth

One big winner in Fry’s recent grant cycle was a nonprofit called Chicago Youth Programs. Fry awarded this group $80,000 over a period of two years to boost literacy and math tutoring programs for low-income students.

What makes this nonprofit particularly interesting is its target demographic. Students benefitting from Chicago Youth Programs’ services range from preschoolers all the way through college students. Also, it enlists the help of graduate students and established professionals in the industries of law and medicine to do the tutoring. However, Fry’s particular grant will fund its Teen Career Program and Middle School Programming Development Initiative.

Workforce Development for Blue-Collar Jobs

In the previous grant cycle, job training support went to a nonprofit that works with the blind and visually impaired. This time around, Fry put its focus on low-income adults on the west side of Chicago.

One new grantee is Greater West Town Community Development, which will use $120,000 of Fry’s money to provide workforce development and education services here. More specifically, the money will support practical occupational training related to wood products, solid surface manufacturing, and shipping/receiving services. 

Patient/Physician Communication for Community Health 

Community health is a hot topic among funders lately, and the Fry Foundation sees value in these types of services, too. It recently awarded a $200,000 grant to Access Community Health over two years to establish its Shared Decision Making Initiative. The goal of this funding is to better share information with patients about their treatment options and help patients and providers make optimal decisions together.

The Fry Foundation considers grant requests in three of its four program areas on a rotating basis, and the March 1 cycle (for requests reviewed in May) includes grants for arts learning, education and health. Head over to the How to Apply section of Fry’s website to learn more about eligibility and application procedures. You can also read more about some other recent grantees by program area on the Grants Awarded page to get a more well-rounded sense of this funder's strategy.