Where the Reva & David Logan Foundation Gives in Chicago

Although the Reva & David Logan Foundation is located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, some local grantseekers might write it off because of its wide-ranging support and geographic interests. And though the Logan board members are credited for their unique interests and for awarding an “eclectic mix of grants,” the founders were deeply committed to the city of Chicago.

Reva and David Logan met in Chicago and spent their lives there. They gave extensively to the arts, youth and the community during their lifetimes, and those are still important issues for the foundation today. The current funding areas are social justice, scholarship, arts and investigative journalism.

Last year, the foundation awarded more than 125 grants to nonprofits. This funder awards grants outside the U.S., but those are few and far between, with most going to U.K. causes in London, Oxford, Bristol and Coventry. Other than Chicago, other typical domestic regions of support include the San Francisco, New York and D.C. areas.

But to keep our focus local, let’s take a closer look at the types of groups in Chicago that have received Logan’s support lately.

Arts in Chicago

Local arts and culture are a big deal to the Logan Foundation. It recently awarded grants to 3Arts, Arts Alliance Illinois, and the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, and several other groups. These particular grants were between $10,000 and $40,000 and went toward general support, scholarships and collaborative efforts.

The Logan Foundation recently made headlines for its support of an award-winning Sicangu Lakota Hip Hop artist, producer and performer named Frank Waln, who is originally from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. This Chicago artist attended Columbia College Chicago and was a 2015 Logan Foundation awardee.

Social Justice in Chicago

To the Logan Foundation, social justice isn’t just something abstract to be pursued in broad ways. The funder also supports local social justice causes happening around the city.

For example, the foundation awarded $200,000 for each of three years for general support of its two free health centers. It gave other social justice grants to the Chicago Women in Philanthropy’s leadership and mentoring program, the Chicago Foundation for Women’s 100% Project, and the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness, which received $10,000 to purchase 22 tablets for past or present homeless people who are members of the Lived Experience Commission.

Journalism in Chicago

Logan gives many of its investigative journalism grants to groups in D.C. and California, but the foundation hasn’t forgotten about hard-hitting writers in Chicago either. It gave one recent local grant to the Experimental Station-Invisible Institute, consisting of $500,000 over three years for general support of investigative reporting in Chicago.

Interested grantseekers can submit a letter of inquiry to the Logan Foundation at any time of the year. Just create a new account on the foundation’s online grant system to get started. Questions about the application process should be directed to Grants Manager Preeti Veerlapati at 312-664-3350 or preeti@loganfdn.org.

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