Where Do Albert Pick Jr. Fund Health Grants Go in Chicago?

The Albert Pick Jr. Fund is a private family foundation that relies upon the expertise of Iris Krieg & Associates to review and evaluate new grant applications. There’s no need to fuss with a preliminary letter of inquiry here, as this funder accepts grant applications throughout the year and reviews them at quarterly board meetings.

Something unique about this funder is that it pretty much exclusively sticks to supporting nonprofits in the city of Chicago. There are four grantmaking categories, and grants in each category are reviewed by the board each quarter. Health grants are just one piece of the puzzle, but a big piece lately that has recently seen a more narrowed and refined focus.

Let’s take a closer look at where these health grants are going right now in the city.

Juvenile Justice/Restorative Justice

In the spring of 2015, the foundation rewrote some of its grantmaking guidelines and defined restorative justice as a top grantmaking priority. These grants fall under the health and human services umbrella, and they’re aimed at addressing the urgent need for programs that impact violence in the short-term.

Here’s what the Fund looks for in these types of grantees:

  • Programs for youth who have dropped out of school, have had previous histories with the juvenile justice system, or have been exposed to trauma. 
  • Alternatives to incarceration
  • Social and mental health services
  • Restorative justice and policy changes 

Recent violence-related health grants have been awarded to Alternatives Inc. ($20,000 to support its Restorative Justice Initiative) and Chicago Urban League ($10,000 for its Urban Youth Corrections Program).

Youth Mental Health

Also under Pick’s health and human services umbrella, the foundation has a goal of increasing the use of the health, dental, medical and mental health services by children and youth. With its redefined focus, the foundation is specifically looking to support mental health programs for youth.

These are some examples of what the Fund looks for in programs that make health services more accessible for youth:

  • LGBT-friendly health services
  • Peer education to alert teens of health issues
  • Mobile clinics that reach youth where they are
  • Efforts to change policies to increase the accessibility of health services

To learn more about this Chicago-focused funder, check out IP’s full profile, The Albert Pick Jr. Fund: Chicago Grants. In addition to health grants, this foundation also supports a wide range of civic/community, culture, and education causes too. Take a look at the funder’s 2015 grants and 2016 grants so far this year to get a broader picture of its grantmaking. The next deadline is June 15 to have your application considered for the fall 2016 quarter.

General questions about Albert Pick Jr. Fund grantmaking should be directed to Betty Jo Joy at ettyjo@albertpickjrfund.org. For questions related to health & human services or civic & community grants, contact Iris Krieg at iris@albertpickjrfund.org. For culture and education grants, contact Lauren Krieg at lauren@albertpickjrfund.org.