The FCA Foundation Drives Funding Towards Youth Development

The "FCA" in the FCA Foundation is short for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but it starts to pay attention to kids well before they are eligible for a learner's permit.

The foundation, previously called the Chrysler Foundation, was established in 1953, and has since distributed more than $500 million in grants. Positioning itself in today’s world of philanthropy, the foundation states that it exists to "help empower people, and build strong, viable communities."

The FCA Foundation seeks to empower and build through the following funding areas:

  • Education—with a specific focus on STEM;
  • Youth Development—providing mentoring and assistance to support the transition to successful adulthood;
  • Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives—promoting inclusion and advancement opportunities;
  • Military—assistance for active and retired service members and their families.

The FCA Foundation's focus on youth development is inexorably linked with its efforts in the way of education and diversity, so be sure to keep that in mind when pitching your youth development program. Also keep in mind that when it comes to supporting local-level programs, the foundation primarily focuses on communities where it has corporate operations. Some of these communities are major U.S. cities, but others are less known on the map: Yucca, AZ; Irvine, CA; Englewood, CO; Washington, DC; Orlando, FL; Belvidere IL; Lisle, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Kokomo, IN; Elkridge, MD; Detroit, MI; Syracuse, NY; Tappan, NY; Perrysburg, OH; Toledo, OH; Twinsburg, OH; Addison, TX; and Kenosha, WI.

In addition to this local-giving focus, the FCA Foundation also supports regional and national programs throughout the country.

Like many youth development-minded foundations, the FCA Foundation supports many Boys & Girls Clubs chapters, 4-H councils, and Junior Achievement chapters, as well as localized United Way and YMCA programs that focus on youth and their development. Other recent grants are:


FCA Foundation: Grants for K-12 Education