Ecolab Foundation Supports Well-Rounded Youth

Ecolab Foundation was established in 1986 by its corporate namesake, a company that describes itself as a “global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services.” The foundation’s overall giving is approaching the $81 million mark, with a focus on “educational, cultural, environmental, and community development programs that are good for business and good for society.”

Ecolab Foundation’s commitment to youth development is part of the foundation's commitment to Youth and Education (the largest dollar-getter of the foundation’s four focus areas), with a particular emphasis on at-risk youth. Given its corporate focus, it’s no surprise that the foundation is particularly committed to STEM education. But it also seeks generally to support youth "by helping them to excel in school, engage in communities and develop leadership and life skills."

Cash for youth development flows through the foundation's Community Grants pot. And speaking of community: Your youth program needs to be based in either the St. Paul, Minnesota area (where Ecolab is headquartered) or in one of the corporation’s 17 regional communities located throughout the U.S.

Grantees include 4-H clubs, Boys & Girls Club chapters, Girl Scout and Boy Scout chapters, Junior Achievement chapters, and Big Brothers Big Sisters programs throughout Ecolab's communities, in amounts ranging from $200 to $25,000 and touching upon many dollar amounts throughout that wide range.

The foundation also supports youth leadership/awareness programs (such as Kids Voting of NC for $3,800); youth sports leagues (amounts ranging $200 to $1,000); children's museums (amounts ranging $5,000 to $200,000); youth technology engagement programs (such as High Tech Kids for $10,000); youth arts engagement programs (such as the Children's Choir of Huntington County for $5,000); child welfare organizations (amounts ranging $500 to $12,500); youth peer groups (such as The Youth Unite for $1,000); youth residential treatment centers (such as YouthCARE for $8,200); teen centers (such as The Bridge Teen Center for $1,500); healthy living and eating programs (such as the Youth Farm and Market project for $10,000); and parent support programs (such as Teen Parent Connection for $1,000).


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