Check Out for Annenberg's Conservation Funding

The Annenberg Foundation’s website doesn’t come across as terribly friendly to environmental NGOs working abroad. In fact, the website makes it sound like Annenberg focuses most of its funding on Los Angeles (see IP’s profile), with a quick nod toward the environment hidden somewhere on its “How to Apply” page. Don’t be fooled by their tight-lipped website—the Annenberg Foundation is doing a lot in the realm of international conservation. Grantees just have to look in the right place—and that place is, the Annenberg Foundation’s multimedia organization. was founded by Charles Annenberg Weingarten – son to Wallis Annenberg, CEO of the Annenberg Foundation.  The goal of is to educate and inspire through the use of various multimedia.’s library currently consists of over 250 original films and 30,000 photographs from around the world. One of its more well-known projects worked with Polar Bears International to set up live webcams so people around the world could watch Canada’s polar bears in real-time. does more than multimedia work, however. Their website advertises the Annenberg Foundation’s grant work in far more detail than their parent site does. Many of the individuals and organizations featured in explore films also receive funding from Annenberg Foundation grants. As the website says - they have awarded over $15 million to over 100 non-profit organizations worldwide.

Recipients have included the African Wildlife Foundation to provide conservation training opportunities to African nationals, the World Wildlife Fund in China to reduce poaching, and India’s People for Animals to support animal rights. Their grants list includes dozens of conservation projects.’s website specifically says “expeditions also serve as a way to identify potential recipients for Annenberg Foundation grants.”

Grantees interested in what the Annenberg Foundation is funding conservation-wise would be smart to head on over to for ideas. There is plenty of funding headed to international conservation projects and grantees can easily find encouragement online. Of course, all the old grantmaking guidelines still apply, so be sure to brush up on those before submitting a proposal. Just don’t be intimidated by the Annenberg’s statements of prioritizing the LA region.