Give to Cure's Mixed Launch for its Innovative "Cure-Funding"

Inside Philanthropy writer Kristina Strain wrote a couple of years ago about Give to Cure, a group that enables donors to give directly to clinical trials with a campaign it’s calling “cure-funding.

Give to Cure has at last selected the three trials it will fund with its initial $10 million campaignall three are either Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, which it says typically cost between $5 and $15 million.

Interestingly, Give to Cure promises that 100 percent of every donation goes directly to clinical trials. The group relies on private donors and foundations to cover operational costs. That’s a great draw for a crowdfunding campaign, where transparency is paramount.

And in another big win that should be helpful for reaching its goal, Give to Cure has partnered with mobile payment app Venmo to enable users to give directly through the app.

That’s exactly the kind of reach that big crowdfunding campaigns need, and by reaching out to potential donors who can give quickly and securely through an app they trust, Give to Cure is sure to see a great conversion rate.

However, the group will need to increase its web presence if it wants the campaign to be successful. With only 600 Likes on Facebook and just 283 Twitter followers, it's important to grow its fan base so that it can truly reap the benefits of crowdfunding.

The group's Get Social page also appears to be dominated at the moment by just a couple of “supporters,” one of whom seems dedicated solely to hawking an invention to keep hot food from burning elderly people with dementia. Not the best startbut with luck, this worthy campaign will finish strong.