It's Time to Grand Jete Out West For This Funder

Western States Arts Federation heartily supports dance, specifically bringing dance performance groups from all over the world to perform for and engage with audiences in western states.

Before we go any further, a geography refresher: The Western region consists of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

If you have a dance project you'd like to expose to new audiences, partnering with a western-based nonprofit presenting organization through Western States Arts Federation's TourWest program provides you with a built-in way to do so.

The funds you will receive flow through the organizations that will be presenting you, and they are earmarked towards paying your artist fees. It's the presenting organizations that apply for these grants, and they will typically receive 50 percent of their total expenses related to your performance (up to $2,500).

This financial arrangement requires you to publicly perform at least once, as well as participate in community engagement. Artists should also be mindful of tapping into "“underserved and/or culturally diverse” audiences.

Any genre of dance is supported, and dance troupes can be based anywhere in the world. In fact, that diversity is encouraged. But Western States Arts Federation is also looking for presenting organizations to partner with dance troupes and present pieces that have "relevance and potential impact" on their communities; it's another factor to think about when you reach out to potential presenters.

As long as the presenting organizations are nonprofit entities within its 13 states and have a successful history of presenting artists, the world is your oyster. Western States Arts Federation gives grants to performance halls, community centers, museums, parks, college campuses, high schools, government organizations, and more.

The deadline for presenting organizations to apply for TourWest grant is the beginning of April, so be sure to reach out and pitch your project with that calendar in mind.

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