Why Milken Supports a Philanthropic TRAIN to Faster Cures

Under the umbrella of Michael Milken's philanthropic empire, Faster Cures is using a variety of strategies to make medical research happen faster. (See Milken Family Foundation: Los Angeles Grants.)

One such strategy is The Research Acceleration & Innovation Network (TRAIN), which facilitates faster research by providing a platform for collaboration and networking. To help address the often disjointed and scattered medical research field, Faster Cures developed the TRAIN Inventory, a free public online resource for those in the health-care industry and academia seeking to conduct medical research. The inventory provides a mechanism to connect potential researchers with the non-profit disease research foundation community, particularly those engaged in venture philanthropy.

This resource is groundbreaking in that nothing before TRAIN cataloged the operational and partnering practices of funding organizations. The inventory helps link researchers to funders through a set of common metrics that highlight details about each organization's research portfolio, collaboration efforts, and financials.

TRAIN is a networking tool, and its organizations have achieved a considerable amount of success in the networking and funding stage of research. According to Faster Cures, TRAIN organizations have provided more than half a billion dollars in medical research grants in the past year. In addition, one of three TRAIN groups has supported at least one clinical trial, one of two incorporates advocacy into its efforts to fight disease, and nearly nine of 10 collaborate with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.