3 Things to Know about Genzyme’s Disease Funding

Genzyme is a corporate biotech funder with a passion for disease funding in a range of areas, and although it’s based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, its grantmaking reach extends worldwide. Here are three things nonprofits, research institutions, hospitals and disease organizations should know about applying for a Genzyme grant.

4 Main Focus Areas

There are the four therapeutic area of interest for this funder: multiple sclerosis, rare genetic diseases, cardiovascular disease and thyroid cancer. Less frequenly, Genzyme supports sponsorships for scientists and researchers working in diabetes, renal, immune-mediated diseases, neurobiology, cystic fibrosis, gene therapies and biomaterials.

Currently, grantseekers can apply for support online for the following types of grants:

  • Accredited education programs to raise disease awareness.
  • Unaccredited medical education to raise disease awareness.
  • Patient education programs for patients, family members, caregivers and researchers.
  • Sponsorships for events and fundraisers.
  • Charitable donations for general operating support for disease/patient organizations.
  • Fellowships for hospitals, medical schools and research institutions.

Patient Advocacy Leadership Awards

Genzyme’s Patient Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Awards program supports the work of patient organizations specifically focused on lysosomal storage disorders to bring about disease awareness and patient support. This is separate from the other corporate grantmaking program.

This program was launched in 2011 and is open to nonprofit patient organizations, academic institutions, and professional associations. A total of $50,000 is awarded through two competitive grants funding for new initiatives that support this community, and applicants can apply for a maximum grant amount of $25,000.

Grantseekers can download the application form on the award website or email a three-page project proposal to patient.advocacy@genzyme.com.

Support for Rare Diseases

Genzyme tends to favor treatments for rare diseases but considers grant requests for many other types of diseases out there too. These are some recent causes Genzyme has supported:

Genzyme also tends to support organizations in the areas it works in, and these are the locations of the company’s flagship facilities: Cambridge and Framingham, Massachusetts; Geel, Belgium; and Waterford, Ireland. The company also has offices in Cambridge, England; Lyon, France; Tokyo, Japan; Moscow and Brazil.

To learn more about this funder, check out IP’s full profile, Genzyme Corporation: Grants for Disease.