Wanted: New Blood to Advance Obesity Research

Here’s an outfit that hasn't crossed our radar before: A society devoted entirely to the causes, consequences, prevention, and treatment of obesity “in order to improve the lives of those affected by it.” It’s called, not surprisingly, the Obesity Society, and it’s just announced an RFP inviting junior-level investigators and post-doc trainees to apply to receive up to $25,000 for their innovative projects.

Obesity is routinely attributed to too many calories and too little exercise. But for millions of Americans, it’s so much more than that. Many obese folks have been fighting—literally for their health—for years, and unable to create much in the way of positive change in their lives or their health. Excess body mass can be a damn stubborn thing, and its causes can be as complex as the root of any cancer.

That's why it's important to bring new researchers into this field, which is a key goal of the Obesity Society's Early-Career Research Grants

To be eligible to apply for this award from the Obesity Society, applicants must be members of the society. They must have attained a Ph.D. within the past five years or an M.D. within the past eight, and they must hold an entry-level position at an academic/researchinstitution. LOIs are due March 30, 2015.