Rare, But Terrible: The Foundation Out to Tackle Mesothelioma

Woe be to all those with rare diseases. Folks with breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can at least look forward to a huge support network surrounding their malady, from charity events to megabuck research trials. Not so for those with mesothelioma, or other rare cancers and diseases. Mesothelioma is most often found in those who’ve had some crappy environmental exposure to particulate matter: miners, say, or steel furnace workers or guys who dealt with asbestos. In addition to its rarity, the disease has a terrible prognosis.

Enter the philanthropic hero: the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, or the Meso Foundation for short. Right now, it’s seeking applications for 2015’s round of mesothelioma research funding.

There’s a nice, sizeable pot up for grabs, too. Up to $100,000 for two years of work—not exactly pocket change. The research itself can be clinical, translational, or even just in the benchwork stages. The Meso Foundation isn’t fussy about what stage researchers are in. According to the announcement, “encouraged projects include but are not limited to investigations of strategies for the early detection of new or progressive disease, definition of targetable differences between normal and transformed mesothelium, and the development of novel strategies for the treatment, therapeutic intervention, and determination of clinical/molecular determinants for prognosis.”

Check the full RFP here.