Behind the Initiative: Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Gets Together on Diabetes

In 2010, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation created the Together on Diabetes initiative, a program focused on improving the health of type 2 diabetes patients across the United States.

Thus far the program has disbursed nearly half of its coffers in two years of existence, so there are plenty of grants still to go around. Of the 21 given out so far, most are above $200,000, with several topping $2 million.

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Can Michael Milken Speed Up Medical Research?

During his years in finance, Michael Milken was famously a young man in a hurry. Milken's rushing paid off: he was making $5 million year by the age of 30.

Milken is in no less a hurry as a philanthropist. Among other things, he hopes he can make medicine itself move more quickly.

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