What's New With LEGO's Grants Program?

Last fall, we wrote about the work of the LEGO Children's Fund and how it used its grantmaking activities to cultivate creativity in young children. We would expect no less from the maker of the colorful plastic building bricks loved by children worldwide. Over the years, LEGO Children's Fund provided grants ranging in size from $1,000 to $5,000 to dozens of nonprofits, schools, and child care centers.

Well, the bad news is that LEGO Children's Fund has discontinued its quarterly grantmaking activities. That's the announcement on the funder's website. The good news, at least for some cities, is that the fund is revising its philanthropic approach. Consistent with many other corporate funders in early childhood and other areas of giving, that new approach will concentrate on communities in which LEGO has facilities.

That is especially good news for nonprofits and schools in Connecticut, the home of LEGO's domestic headquarters. LEGO Children's Fund's past giving has shown a preference for Connecticut and neighboring western Massachusetts, but also included recipients across the country. With this change of focus, LEGO will keep its philanthropic dollars closer to home.

LEGO has promised to announce information on its new funding guidelines in the coming months. Stay tuned for details.