How Is Jerry Moss Giving Away His Music Fortune?

Jerry Moss is one of the two cofounders of L.A. based A&M Records, along with Herb Alpert. Alpert's philanthropy is bigger, and has more of an online presence, but Moss and his wife Ann give around $1 to $2 million annually, with most of their funding taking place in Los Angeles.

The couple has a few key interests that are worth keeping an eye on.

1. Moss is All About Music

Unsurprisingly, music and arts philanthropy is a key focus of Moss's giving. In Los Angeles, this has included recent sums going to Hammer Museum, Geffen Playhouse, the Los Angeles Opera Company, and the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County, MoCA, LACMA, and Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, a nonprofit that provides musical instruments. In recent years, funds to these institutions have rarely exceeded $50,000 annually. The couple is also into arts education and has been heavily involved with New Roads School in Santa Monica, where in 2013, the Ann and Jerry Moss Theater was opened to the public, though it's unclear how much the Moss couple contributed. The theater is part of the larger Herb Alpert Educational Village.

2. UCLA Is Another Focus

Though Moss attended Brooklyn College, his support of UCLA over the years is a good example of location trumping alumni loyalty. Moss has spent most of his life in Los Angeles, building his career in the city. This has spelled good news for UCLA, where Moss is a member of the UCLA Board of Visitors of the School of the Arts and Architecture. Last decade, the couple established the Moss Scholarship at the School of Arts and Architecture with at least $500,000. In recent years, funds have gone to UCLA outfits such as UCLA Center for East West Medicine, UCLA Athletics Department and UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.

3. Support Has Gone to Other L.A. Outfits, Too

In health, the Moss couple have funded Los Angeles outfits such as Cedars Sinai Medical Center and City of Hope. Various local media outfits such as KCET and KCRW have also been supported. Outside of Los Angeles, environmental and animal rights causes such as Earth Island Institute, Oceana, and the Rainforest Foundation have been supported. In the 1980s, Ann started a nonprofit called Dolphin Connection to fight for the rights of dolphins and whales.

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