Lights, Camera, Grant! How This Big Time Studio Exec Gives Away His Money

Alan Horn is chairman of Walt Disney Studios. Previously, he was president of Warner Bros. and was also a founder of Castle Rock Entertainment. Altogether, he's been in the film and television industry for some 40 years and is now 72. But along with a storied Hollywood career, Horn and his wife Cindy have also been active in philanthropy.

The couple's giving goes back a long way. The Horn Foundation was founded in 1989, and the Horns interests include the environment, education and more. While the foundation doesn't have much of a web presence, it held more than $18 million in assets and gave away around $1.4 million in a recent year. Here are a few must-knows:

1. Horn is Deep Into the Environment

I've written before about the philanthropy of Norman Lear and his wife Lyn, who co-founded Environmental Media Association (EMA). Well, Alan and Cindy Horn are the other founding couple. (Once upon a time, Horn worked for Lear.) EMA is "a nonprofit created to inspire and coordinate an entertainment industry response to the global environmental crisis." Grants of $50,000 went to EMA in 2013 and 2012. Horn has also given support to Heal the Bay, NRDC ($110,000 in 2013), Climate Reality Project, a "nonprofit involved in education and advocacy related to climate change," Oceana, WildAid, whose mission is to to "end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes," and more.

A component of this philanthropy also involves outfits in the Intermountain West, with recent support going to Montana Land Reliance, Friends of Wild Swan, "dedicated to protecting and restoring water quality, fish and wildlife habitat in the Wild Rockies of Northwest Montana," Alliance for the Wild Rockies, and others.

2. Horn has Supported Alma Maters and More in Education Efforts

Money has flowed from the Horn Foundation to Union College, where Horn got his BA, and Harvard Business School, where he got his MBA and now serves on the board of dean's advisors. Support has also gone to Duke University, NYU, Stanford ($100,000 in 2012), and the UCLA Foundation. Cindy has been involved with UCLA's School of Public Health.

On the K-12 front, the couple has supported Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, a nonprofit "built in collaboration with the City of L.A., LAUSD, and over 1,000 public and private partners," and Bright Prospect, whose aim is to "empower high-potential, low-income students to gain admission, succeed and graduate from four-year colleges and universities."

3. Assorted Sums Have Gone to Arts and Culture

Horn has supported outfits such as Geffen Playhouse, Sundance Institute, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, LACMA, Motion Picture Television Fund, and American Film Institute, where he serves on the board of directors. Also in Montana, the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts has been supported. Similar to the interests of the Lears, a component of Horn and Cindy's philanthropy involves civil liberties work. They've supported the Lear-founded outfit People for the American Way.

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