Animals Are Right: This Longtime Game Show Host's Philanthropic Focus

While Bob Barker is no longer on our television sets in the morning, it's hard to find a more lasting fixture of the TV world. Barker hosted Price is Right for some 35 years, at one point earning around $10 million annually, and amassing nearly 20 Emmy Awards. Some estimates put the 91-year-old's net worth at $70 million. Price is Right faithful might remember that Barker sometimes opened his show with an appeal to viewers to spay or neuter their pets. That call is rooted in Barker's work through the DJ&T Foundation, which he established in 1995 to fund low-cost spay/neuter clinics and voucher programs to relieve animal overpopulation.

Barker's motivations are personal, as both Barker's late wife, Dorothy Jo, and his mother, Tillie, loved animals; the foundation is named after these two women. The DJ&T Foundation subsidizes clinics and voucher programs all over the United States and is "most committed to making grants at the grassroots level." In a recent fiscal year, the foundation gave away around $4.6 million. Grantees include Second Chance Animal Shelter, Alaska Rural Veterinary Outreach, Spay and Neuter Solutions in Arizona, and Pioneer Humane Society in Oregon.

The foundation no longer accepts applications to underwrite spay and neuter programs or provide funds for spay and neuter clinics. However, the foundation says that if grantseekers have a "request for funding outside of these parameters... you may send an application." It's not exactly clear what other kinds of endeavors DJ&T is open to, but one recent grant included $50,000 to Primates Incorporated in Wisconsin to support a sanctuary for monkeys who were pets or were used in the entertainment industry or in scientific research.

Barker has also given millions to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in his home state of Washington. He's given to universities, including UCLA, Georgetown University, and his alma mater Drury University. He's also bankrolled an animal law program at University of Virginia and given millions to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Apart from work with animals, Barker has also given multimillion-dollar sums to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

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