Jerome Foundation's Film and Video Grants for Filmmakers in Minnesota and New York

The Minnesota-based Jerome Foundation was established in 1964 by painter, composer, photographer, filmmaker, and philanthropist Jerome Hill in order to support emerging artists and not-for-profit arts organizations, particularly in the area of filmmaking. Its focus is on filmmakers and organizations specifically in the Minnesota and New York City areas. Its MN/NYC Film and Video Grants program provides support to "emerging artists, whose work shows promise of excellence, in the genres of experimental, narrative, animation, and documentary production."

The MN/NYC Film and Video Grants are generally $30,000 and under, but it does fund larger projects. It just requires a fundraising plan for additional financing in the event the amount you are asking is higher than $30,000. All of the film and video grants are project specific and they require a very detailed outline and budget with every application submittal. The foundation's website has an incredibly helpful applicant booklet for download that includes sample budgets and proposals from past grant recipients. In fact, its booklet can prove helpful for filmmakers seeking grants regardless of whether you choose to apply for MN/NYC Film and Video funds or not. The foundation also provides information workshops to answer questions and assist with proposals for grant seekers.

The Jerome Foundation's total annual grantmaking budget is around $2.8 million, with the funds split evenly between organizations and individuals in Minnesota and New York. Roughly 18% of that goes toward film, video, and "new media" projects. The average grant size to organizations is around $26,000 and to individuals around $8,000, though the specific amounts given to each project can vary from this substantially. It also has General Program Grants and Travel and Study Grants for various nonprofit arts organizations.

The easiest way to get started is to take the Jerome Foundation's eligibility quiz and look at their grant requirements to see if you are qualified to apply. Then go download the applicant booklet and go from there. Even if you don't go through the process, it's an informative exercise to see what some grant organizations for video and filmmakers are looking for.