Tribeca Film Institute Announces Grants for Latino Filmmakers

The Tribeca Film Institute (see Tribeca Film Institute: Grants for Film), in partnership with worldwide beverage distributor Heineken and presenting sponsor Bloomberg, announced a series of ongoing grants and awards specifically aimed at filmmakers in the Latino community. The awards are given in four categories: TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund, Bloomberg Fellows, Heineken VOCES grant, and TFI/WorldView Partnership grants. Together they total $130,000 in yearly support for Latin American film and video artists exploring stories that reflect the diversity of Latino culture.

The TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund award is a series of four $10,000 grants given to "animation, documentary, or hybrid feature-length films in advanced development, production or post-production from filmmakers living and working in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America."

The three filmmakers who receive Bloomberg Fellowships are awarded a $12,000 grant and an invitation to participate in a series of multiday workshops in either Sao Paulo, Mexico City, or Santiago, Chile, with the aim of educating and assisting with different aspects of production, including training on how to pitch and international fundraising.

The Heineken VOCES grants are given to one documentary and one narrative film made by Latino filmmakers living in the United States that "redefine, invent, explore and create visions and stories that reflect their diverse cultures" and provide "new perspectives on their cultural experiences."

The TFI/WorldView Partnership grants are three development grants of $10,000 given to filmmakers in Latin America and the Caribbean. These grants are exclusively for development, pre-production, and/or production of films with a running time of 60 to 90 minutes.

Ryan Harrington, director of documentary programming at the Tribeca Film Institute, explained when the winners were announced that the grants are meant to highlight a segment of the population whose voice is not represented nearly enough. (Read Ryan Harrington's IP profile.) He said, "There are so many voices out there about education and entertainment not being heard in mainstream media. Right now it doesn't feel inclusive."

These awards should serve to even out that imbalance at least a little bit. The announcements and awards are given each year at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Check the website for more details on how to submit for upcoming years.