Nexus Fund: Grants for Global Security

OVERVIEW: The Nexus Fund focuses its global security grantmaking on combating violence and hate speech, as well as preventing mass atrocities.

IP TAKE: This funder gives priority to organizations focusing on at-risk and conflict-affected regions in the Global South.

PROFILE: Sally Smith, who serves as the co-chair of the Conflict and Atrocity Prevention Funders Working Group, a joint project of the Peace and Security Funders Group and the International Human Rights Funders Group, founded the Nexus Fund in 2012. The fund seeks to “[b]uild and strengthen the global community to end mass atrocities.” The Nexus Fund is a project of the New Venture Fund. Nexus further aims to “[s]trengthen the global community in preventing mass atrocities by finding and funding local efforts” in regions of the world that incur significant violence, but still demonstrate the possibility of preventing large-scale atrocities.

The fund’s Atrocity Prevention Small Grants Fund supports community-based peacebuilding and conflict prevention initiatives. It’s Dangerous Speech Global Fund supports organizations combating hate speech and its Civil Society Exchange Program offers funding for front-line activists to spend up to two month working with people and organizations focusing on anti-violence and violence prevention programs.

The average sized grant at Nexus is $5,000. Grantseekers may contact the fund at for more information on its Atrocity Prevention, Dangerous Speech, and Civil Society Exchange programs.


  • Sally Smith, Executive Director

  • Sadia Hameed, Managing Director