Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation: Grants for Human Rights

OVERVIEW: The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation supports human rights organizations across the United States.

IP TAKE: This funder does not provide grants to support general operating costs.

PROFILE: Originally known as the Valeria Home when it was incorporated in New York in 1915, the organization’s name was changed to the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation in 1975. The foundation supports nonprofits that “[p]romote and support effective and creative programs, practices, and policies related to healing from illness, accident, physical, social or emotional trauma, and to extend the availability of programs that promote healing to underserved populations.” It prioritizes correctional healthcare, chronic violence, and community health.  

While Langeloth does not have a grantmaking program specifically dedicated to human rights, its latest tax filings indicate an interest in this funding space. Human rights organizations receiving past support from Langeloth include the Center for Victims of Torture and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Grant award amounts typically range from $100,000 to $350,000.To learn more about the types of organizations the foundation supports, explore its Active Grants list.

The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation accepts letters of intent and grant proposals by invitation only, however; it accepts inquiries from organizations conducting work within its areas of grantmaking interest. Grantseekers must register their projects via the foundation's website to make such inquiries.

Langeloth gives grantmaking preference to organizations working in New York State; however, it makes exceptions for projects with a national impact or those that have the potential to be widely replicable.


  • Scott Moyer, President