Alchemy Foundation: Grants for Human Rights

OVERVIEW: The Alchemy Foundation typically awards its human rights grants to large international organizations. The foundation does not name specific areas of grantmaking interest in the rights field.

IP TAKE: Alchemy is not the most approachable funder for newcomers since it has no web presence, and a virtually non-existent public profile. 

PROFILE: Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Alchemy Foundation directs much of its funding to arts, education and human services organizations located in its state. Alchemy, however, encourages global change through support for international groups fighting for the human rights of marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Despite the absence of a website, this funder's taxes reveal that it tends to support larger human rights NGOS that work internationally and groups that work on a wide range of rights matters to benefit multiple populations. In the past, Alchemy has supported Human Rights Watch, USA for UNHCR, and Amnesty International. Lesser known rights groups, such as Physicians for Human Rights and Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, have also received funding. 

Alchemy’s grants are modest, typically ranging from $2,000 to $15,000, although there are a few awards for $25,000. Alchemy does not accept unsolicited proposals. Its taxes also show that few new groups receive funding from year to year; however, Alchemy favors building longer-term relationships with its grantees. So reaching out and making an introduction could pay off for years to come.


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The Alchemy Foundation
104 Lakeview Ave.
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
(617) 731-6727