Colombe Peace Foundation: Grants for Global Security

OVERVIEW: The Colombe Foundation awards grants to peace advocacy groups working to educate the public on nuclear policy.

IP TAKE: Colombe is an approachable funder that tends to back smaller grassroots groups working in the nuclear security field. They do not award a large number of grants annually, so expect competition. Grantseekers should consider contacting them sooner rather than later in the year.

PROFILE: The Colombe Peace Foundation is a small, private family foundation staffed and managed by the Proteus Fund. Proteus is an organization that channels money from foundations and individual donors to support work related to human rights, democracy and peace. Proteus manages Colombe’s wider mission to support organizations working for the “[s]hift from wasteful military spending to investments in programs that create real national security grounded in meeting human and environmental needs.” Colombe also supports groups advocating for more balanced foreign policy.

Within the nuclear security field, Colombe supports efforts to change countries' policies on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. In the past, the foundation also supported organizations advocating to end war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Colombe’s grant amounts vary according to the grantmaking priorities. Organizations that work to shift military spending can expect grants ranging from $20,000 to $150,000. Grants related to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation typically range from $20,000 to $50,000. To learn more about the types of organizations that the Columbe supports, browse through its list of recent grantees.

The foundation awards grants twice annually, in the spring and fall. While Colombe does accept unsolicited grant applications, interested parties must first contact Dini Merz, the Security Program Director, to discuss their work and grant proposal. 


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