Fund for Nonviolence: Grants for Global Security and Human Rights

OVERVIEW: The Fund for Nonviolence supports organizations working in the fields of nonproliferation, peacebuilding, gender equality, and human rights.  

IP TAKE: The Fund for Nonviolence leads in progressive rights and security philanthropy and expects the same out of its grantees.

PROFILE: The Fund For Nonviolence (FNV) awards grants for global security and human rights. The FNV believes that “universal justice and peace are essential conditions for realizing individual and collective human potential. Violence is a dehumanizing obstacle to human potential.” FNV prioritizes projects that support social justice for "[m]arginalized communities and, in particular, on elevating the voices and leadership of people from those communities."  

According to its website, the fund encourages proposals that also: pursue structural changes to root causes of race, class, and gender injustice; value the active involvement of members of the communities most impacted by the violence and social injustice being addressed; understand and articulate the impact of their work on women and promote the leadership of women within the organization; work through networks, coalitions and alliances; reflect the spirit of nonviolence in their organizational relations, structure, and process; demonstrate the capacity to reflect on their experience and adapt to lessons and insights.

Grants that support global security and human rights are mostly made through the FNV's two related grantmaking programs: Lifting Voices of Resistance and Justice with Dignity. Each program features its own detailed criteria, which grantseekers are advised to read. Both programs currently consider proposals by invitation only. 

The Fund For Nonviolence awards grants to organizations both large and small, and most grants range from $10,000 to $20,000. The fund does not award many grants each year, so grantmaking is competitive. To gain a better idea of what kinds of organizations FNV supports, read their grantee lists for both the Lifting Voices and Justice with Dignity programs.

FNV does not accept unsolicited grant applications, and proposals are by invitation only.


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