Global Greengrants Fund: Grants for Human Rights

OVERVIEW: The Global Greengrants Fund awards human rights grants based on environmental conservation and protection concerns with a heavy focus on women and indigenous communities.

IP TAKE: This is a funder with a keen interest in grassroots efforts, making it a strong funding ally for small outfits trying to affect big changes within local indigenous communities.  

PROFILE: The Global Greengrants Fund awards human rights grants based on environmental conservation and protection concerns. The fund’s mission seeks to “mobilize on-the-ground resources to fight environmental degradation, promote sustainability, and support social justice around the world,” and names a number of Pressing Challenges that the Fund addresses through its grantmaking. Among the rights-related challenges are Food and Agriculture, Land Rights, Women’s Rights and Leadership, Indigenous Rights, and Environmental Health, among others.

Much of Global Greengrants’ rights-related grantmaking revolves around disreputable activities conducted by corporations and governments that threaten the livelihoods of local communities such as land grabs, resource pillaging, exploitative extractive industries practices, and the pollution of water, air, and soil.

The fund’s Green Grantmaking program remains its main vehicle for grantmaking. These grants typically fall under $5,000 on average. However, this is a small grantmaker that focuses its funding energies almost entirely on grassroots organizations. On occasion, Global Greengrants will award $10,000 to $25,000 grants to worthy organizations operating within the parameters of one of the fund’s listed fields of interest.

Global Greengrants does not accept unsolicited proposals, and instead, uses a team of volunteer advisors to both run its foundation and to identify potential grantees. Global Greengrants specializes in supporting grassroots organizations that may not garner much attention from larger funders.  


  • Dr. Teresa Odendahl, President and CEO
  • Justine Reed, Vice President, Executive Director of Global Greengrants Fund / UK & Europe
  • Peter Kostishack, Director of Programs
  • Allison Davis, Deputy Director of Programs  
  • Ursula Miniszewski, Program and Development Officer, Gender and the Environment