Joan and Lewis Platt Foundation: Grants for Human Rights

OVERVIEW: The Joan and Lewis Platt Foundation does not seem to geographically restrict its grantmaking in the international human rights space. However, it does seem to favor groups that fight for rights of women and children and those combating global human trafficking.

IP TAKE: Platt tends to support rights organizations with which its founder and director, Joan Platt, is affiliated. Grantseekers should clearly demonstrate how their work aligns with Platt’s when approaching the foundation. Grantseekers are advised to highlight their rights work in terms of how it intersects with Platt's specific areas of funding, such as human trafficking. 

PROFILE: Based in California, the Joan and Lewis Platt Foundation is a small funder that dedicates much of its grantmaking to international human rights. Its founder, Joan Platt, has been heavily involved in international human rights, and has connected with like-minded organizations such as Human Rights Watch, the Global Fund for Children, and the Fund for Global Human Rights.

This funder has no web presence, so information regarding its funding proclivities is difficult to come by; however, tax filings reveal that much of this funder's grantmaking goes to groups with which Joan Platt has been affiliated. For example, in past years, the foundation has supported the Global Fund for Women’s anti-trafficking work and the Global Fund for Children’s work in the same field. 

Platt does not award a large number of grants annually, generally less than 20. However, considering that this is one of the smaller human rights NGOs out there, its grant amounts are relatively substantial given its size, with most ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

The Joan and Lewis Platt Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding, but its tax filings indicate that grant applications should be directed to Joan Platt at the address listed below. 


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127 Pinon Drive
Portola Valley, CA 94028
(650) 529-3499