Kendeda Fund: Grants for Human Rights

OVERVIEW: Kendeda’s human rights related grantmaking centers on combating child marriage in South Asia, and increasing the global dialogue and awareness about the negative impact of child marriage.

IP TAKE: Kendeda seeks organizations that identify and fill critical gaps within the fund’s top grantmaking priorities. While Kendeda gives generously to larger national programs, it is a community-centric funder that seeks out organizations that make change at a local level.

PROFILE: Established by Diana Blank in 1993, the Kendeda Fund describes itself as “[d]edicated to exploring how human beings can build a more just and equitable world.” The fund is perhaps best known for supporting environmental conservation and sustainability concerns. However, it also prioritizes gun violence prevention, community giving (geographically limited to Atlanta and Montana), and veterans causes. In the human rights space, Kendeda focuses on advocating for the rights of South Asian girls.

Kendeda’s Girls’ Rights program addresses child marriage in South Asia, and seeks to make change at the community level. Its giving strategy rests “[o]n [the] belief that cultural change has to come from communities themselves, and cannot be legislated, mandated or internationally driven.” This funder also aims to increase global dialogue and awareness of the multitude of negative consequences in which child marriage results for both girls and the world. 

The fund continues to prioritize its Environmental Conservation and Sustainability program, and awards less to its Girls' Rights program; however, the fund compensates for this by awarding grants that range from $50,000 to $250,000 to projects that support girls' rights. 

To learn more about the organizations Kendeda supports, explore its Grantees in Focus webpage. The Kendeda Fund does not accept or respond to unsolicited requests for funding. Also, this funder is not planning to exist in perpetuity and plans to spend down by 2024.


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