Maypole Fund: Grants for Global Security

OVERVIEW: The Maypole Fund focuses its grantmaking on increasing the presence of women in the global security landscape.

IP TAKE: Though it keeps a low profile, Maypole is a good funder for small, local or grassroots groups staging innovative projects for which they are having a difficult time securing financial support elsewhere.

PROFILE: Established in 1986, the UK-based Maypole Fund is a modest funder that supports efforts to increase women's presence in the global security landscape. Note that Maypole is an unincorporated nonprofit association and has chosen not to seek charitable status from the UK’s Charity Commission. In its efforts to keep a low-profile, Maypole no longer maintains a web presence. 

While the fund has supported a variety of global security projects, from mounting exhibitions to printing leaflets, areas of interest include: anti-militarism; advocacy against the arms trade; action against nuclear weapons and weapons systems; peacebuilding; conflict and violence prevention; and advocacy for disarmament policies and initiatives. 

In suggesting that its grants “[p]roactively challenge patriarchy,” this funder supports investment in women and women's groups. Additionally, the fund prioritizes young women's groups, individuals, lesbian groups, and organizations that have a hard time securing funding from other sources.

Maypole’s grants are limited to £750 (a little over US$1,000). The foundation awards 10 to 12 grants per year. Maypole accepts unsolicited grant applications, which must be received by January 31 and June 30 of each year to be considered for the current grant cycle.

Unfortunately, Maypole does not list its specific staff for grantseekers to contact; however, you may direct introductory inquiries to the email address provided below.


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