Ploughshares Fund: Grants for Global Security

OVERVIEW: A passthrough organization, the Ploughshares Fund also awards grants in nuclear weapons nonproliferation and eventual elimination, peace and security building, and the prevention of the emergence of new nuclear states.

IP TAKE: Ploughshares is an approachable grantmaker; however, small organizations must make certain that the nature of their work is both dynamic and promises impact on policy in the short-term.  

PROFILE: The Ploughshares Fund is a passthrough organization, which means it receives money from donors, but is not the final recipient of those funds. However, it also supports grants for “organizations and individuals working to build a safe, secure, nuclear weapons-free world.”

Ploughshares names three main funding priorities in its global security grantmaking: promoting and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons, preventing the emergence of new nuclear states, and regional peace and security building. Although Ploughshares does not limit its grantmaking geographically, it pays particular attention to regions of the world that currently pose the greatest nuclear threats, such as Iran and North Korea. In addition, Ploughshares offers funding to direct lobbying programs and individuals. However, it does not fund films, videos, art projects, or activities related to academic dissertations.

Most of this foundation's grantmaking is relatively modest. Grantees can expect, on average, between $25,000 and $50,000. The foundation is also attentive to large nonproliferation and peacebuilding groups, despite the modest scale of its grants. To learn about the types of organizations Ploughshares supports, explore its grantees list.

Ploughshares accepts unsolicited applications via its website, generally between February 15 and March 15. Award decisions are made by the Board of Directors, which meets around three times a year. Between those meeting times, the staff is authorized to make grants up to $25,000 at their discretion. 


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