Gamble Foundation: Bay Area Grants

OVERVIEW: The Gamble Foundation focuses on K-12 education, environmental education and youth development for underserved youth in the Bay Area.

IP TAKE: If you’re a Bay Area program focused on academic achievements and personal development for youth, this is valuable funder. Why? Because in addition to providing general operating support, the Gamble Foundation looks to fund your ability to expand your organization’s capacity, long-term growth and fiscal health.

PROFILE: The Gamble Foundation is a family foundation with a mission to serve disadvantaged youth in the Bay Area, specifically in support of academic programs, youth development programs (which it calls “personal enrichment”) and environmental/agricultural education programs.

The Gamble Foundation’s Vision Statement is a specific one, and is stuffed with additional information pertaining to how to approach this funder:

"The foundation envisions communities where all youth have opportunities to broaden their perspectives and bend their life paths towards full potential. The foundation seeks strong, demonstrated leaders with innovative programs that help children and youth escape the traps of poverty and restricted life choices. The foundation emphasizes the importance of good developmental practices for children and youth. In addition, the foundation seeks to advance specific organizations on their move towards financial self-sufficiency."

As the statement suggests, in addition to providing general operating support, this funder is looking to help build your organization’s capacity, including projects that create organizational funding streams, provide for outside consultant assessments, support H.R., allow for program expansion and encourage collaboration with like-minded other Bay Area program providers.

This makes for interesting opportunities to reach out to this funder—taking your academic, youth development, or environmental education project and seeing how you can expand your programs in the simultaneous service of your organization’s long-term health.

Recent grantees include:

  • $54,000 to New Door Ventures (San Francisco) “towards development of a new e-commerce website for Ashbury Images”
  • $30,000 to Ag 4 Youth (Napa) “to support the first phase of the build-out to house small animals to expand ranching education”
  • $25,000 to Women’s Audio Mission (San Francisco) “to support the New Training Facility in recording arts for women and girls”
  • $20,000 to Education Outside (San Francisco) “to expand the Corps for Education Outside, allowing the program to spread to other elementary schools in low-income neighborhoods”
  • $20,000 to the Randall Museum (San Francisco) “to support the Revitalize the Randall Campaign for improvements that will develop new earned income through facility rental and a café”
  • $16,000 to Connolly Ranch (Napa) “for capital improvements to create more useful covered space for classes and events”
  • $15,000 to NatureBridge (San Francisco) “for a feasibility study, preliminary architecture scope, and a draft budget for a new dormitory”
  • $10,000 to The Marine Mammal Center (Sausalito) “to support expansion of the Ocean Ambassadors Middle School Program.”

The Gamble Foundation says typical grants range $10,000 to $25,000, for one to four years in length. There’s an online application available to all, which opens each December.


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