Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation: Grants for the Bay Area

OVERVIEW: In its Bay Area portfolio, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation exclusively supports land conservation and science and technology museums.

FUNDING AREAS: Conservation, science and technology museums

IP TAKE: A long-term strategy goes further than a short-term goal with the Moore Foundation.

PROFILE: Established in 2000, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is one of the Bay Area's largest foundations in terms of totals assets. The Foundation has a wide reach, supporting environmental, education, science and health-care programs around the world. Gordon Moore was a co-founder of the Intel Corporation, which was originally NM Electronics. For local grantseekers, the Moore Foundation makes grants in two areas: conservation and science and technology museums.

Since 2000, the foundation has funded work related to local conservation projects that protect forests, wildlife habitats, and the coastline. Moore also is a strong supporter of the local science and technology museums, and it focuses on museum programs that expand reach and increase learning opportunities for low-income students. Past local conservation grantees include the Sonoma Land Trust for the Sonoma Development Center and the Resources Legacy Fund for the Bay Area Conservation Initiative. Past science and technology museum grants went to the Tech Museum of Innovation for the SMART Museum and to the University of California Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science for the Developing Structures for BaySci Sustainability program.

The foundation has awarded hundreds of grants in the Bay Area, and the average grant term is 24 months. Grantseekers can learn about recent grantees on the foundation's Bay Area page. A significant portion of grantmaking takes place in the Bay Area, although it supports science, environmental conservation, and patient care in other regions too both nationally and internationally.

The Moore Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals from nonprofits. Direct general inquiries to the foundation staff at 650-213-3000 or by email at info@moore.org.


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