Grove Foundation: Bay Area Grants

OVERVIEW: The Grove Foundation is the philanthropic vehicle of former Intel Chairman Andrew Grove and his family. Bay Area grantmaking involves support of education, health, human services, and more. The foundation's philanthropy also involves supporting immigrants and refugees, as the Groves themselves fled Europe for the states decades ago.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, Human Services, Health, Immigration & Refugees

IP TAKE: You'll need to be creative to find a way into the Grove Foundation, since it doesn't have a website or a way to get in touch.

PROFILE: Andrew Grove was born to a Hungarian Jewish family in 1936. By the time he was eight, he and his mother were forced to take false identities and hide with friends. His father, who had been forced into a labor camp, was reunited with the family after the war, but fled to Austria and then the United States during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Americanizing his name, he attended the City College of New York, then the University of California, Berkeley, after which he worked at Fairchild Semiconductor before leaving to start Intel with Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore.

Andrew Grove, his wife Eva, and family move their philanthropy through the Grove Foundation, which in a recent tax year, held close to $100 million in assets and gave away more than $13 million. Grove has given millions to the Michael J. Fox Foundation (he suffers from Parkinson's disease) and to his alma mater, CUNY. The foundation has also given large sums to Eva's alma mater, Hunter College. A bulk of the Grove Foundation's grantmaking, however, involves the Bay Area.

One interest of the foundation in the Bay Area is education, and colleges, universities and K-12 schools have received support. Grove has funded UCSF Foundation, UC Hastings College of Law, Stanford University Board of Trustees, and Cabrillo College Foundation. Cabrillo College is a community college located in Aptos, California and Grove has an interest in supporting vocational education. Grove has funded scholarships for students at community colleges and in other vocational programs, with scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000 per year. 

Grove has given funds to outfits such as Los Altos High School, Palo Alto Partners in Education, Ravenswood Education Foundation, San Mateo Community College District, and Sequoia Adult School Scholars, a "a non-profit foundation which gives financial help to low-income adult students in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Another interest of the Grove Foundation in the Bay Area is human services. It has given steady sums to Cardea Services, with offices in Oakland, which "provides training, organizational development, and research and evaluation services to health and human service agencies throughout the U.S." Cardea Services received $160,000. Grove has given sums to Day Worker Center of Mountain View, which "connects workers and employers in a safe and supportive environment," Fresh Lifelines for Youth, which is "dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime and incarceration of teens," Futures Without Violence, InnVision Shelter Network, HIP Housing Development Corporation, CORA - Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse, and Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, among others.

The foundation has also supported health outfits in the Bay Area. The motivations here are personal, as Andrew Grove was diagnosed with prostate cancer and also suffers from Parkinson's disease. While a lot of this work involves outfits outside of the Bay Area, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, the foundation also supports Exhale, an organization "addressing the emotional health and well-being of women and men after abortion,"  Pacific Business Group on Health, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (which received a $325,000 grant), and American Lung Association in California.

Grove is also strongly interested in supporting immigrants and refugees. Some of this grantmaking involves supporting immigrants through legal services, including funding the Centro de Ayuda Legal para Inmigrantes, a "nonprofit legal organization that strives to help immigrants navigate this country’s legal system," Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (which received a $150,000 grant), and Immigrant Legal Resource Center (which received a $460,000 grant). Grove has also supported Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees. Additionally, both International Rescue Committee and International Rescue Committee of Northern California have received large sums.

Apart from the areas already discussed, the fundation has given modest support to environmental causes and the arts. To learn more about Grove, check out his Intel profile and Philanthropy Roundtable interview titled The Angry Philanthropist.


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The Grove Foundation does not provide a clear avenue for getting in touch, but below is an address:

The Grove Foundation

P.O. Box 1667

Los Altos, CA 94023