Jim Joseph Foundation

OVERVIEW: The Jim Joseph Foundation supports Jewish learning, educator training, and research, with a special interest in the Bay Area. Nonprofits that benefit Jewish communities nationwide are also considered for grants.

FUNDING AREAS: Jewish educator development, learning opportunities for young Jews, Jewish education research

IP TAKE: Pitch a program idea that impacts Jewish teenagers in the Bay Area.

PROFILE: Established in 1987, the Jim Joseph Foundation has a mission to foster compelling and effective Jewish learning experiences for young Jews. Jim Joseph was successful as founder and president of a real estate company. The foundation was established as a philanthropic fund to fund the education of Jewish youth and young adults. It was incorporated into a private foundation in 2005 and has also been known as the Shimon Ben Joseph Foundation. Grantmaking areas of interest are Jewish learning experiences, Jewish leadership and educators, and other aspects of Jewish education.

This funder’s three strategic priorities for grantmaking are to support training and development of Jewish educators, expand learning opportunities for young Jews, and build the capacity of high-performing organizations serving the field of Jewish education. Although education is at the heart of Jim Joseph grantmaking, it is viewed broadly to include summer camps, day schools, youth groups, congregational educational, and other in- and out-of-school learning opportunities. The foundation looks to support long-term and large-scale programs that promote effectiveness and sustainability. It also invests in research and development on the topics of Jewish learning and expression.

Foundation grants are often between $250,000 and several million dollars each. Learn more about local giving on the funder’s grants page. Many grants are awarded in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, this funder also supports causes nationally throughout the U.S. It does not support causes directly in Israel or any place internationally.  

The foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications from nonprofits. The funder considers grant requests by invitation only. However, nonprofits can submit a one-page letter of inquiry to the foundation to describe a potential idea. Direct general questions to the foundation staff at info@jimjosephfoundation.org or by phone to the San Francisco office at 415-658-8730. 


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