Gere Foundation: Grants for Disasters and Refugees

OVERVIEW: The Gere Foundation's humanitarian and disaster relief funding supports Tibet and those working to integrate refugee programs in developing countries in order to foster the long-term stability of local communities among other concerns. 

IP TAKE: The Gere Foundation does not offer a straightforward way of contacting it, so grantseekers should prepare to network in order to do so. 

PROFILE: The Gere Foundation was founded by actor and activist Richard Gere, and is perhaps best known for its support of the Tibetan community and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. However, it also supports other humanitarian and refugee causes around the world. According to the foundation, it “provides relief assistance in times of crisis around the world,” while at the same time, working to “alleviate immediate needs resulting from catastrophic events.” This includes integrating refugee programs in developing countries in order to foster the long-term stability of local communities.

While the foundation appears to prefer a broad approach toward its grantmaking, its humanitarian grants support an array of refugee-related issues. The foundation may prioritize giving to Tibet, but still supports other causes around the world. Grants range from $500 to $40,000. Its tax filings suggest that this funder prioritizes small and local organizations in its grantmaking. For instance, past grantees include the Global Orphan Project and Survival International. However, some larger, established organizations have managed to secure funding in the past, such as Oxfam and the Earth Institute.

The Gere Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding. It also does not offer funding to individuals, capital campaigns, for-profit groups or film projects.


  • Richard Gere, President
  • Carey Lowell, Chief Financial Officer
  • Barry Hirsch, Secretary